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Composable Ecosystem

Composable believes that a path towards a completely interoperable DeFi space involves close industry collaboration. Thankfulness is extended to all the companies, projects, individuals, and other entities collaborating with us to transform our vision for a unified DeFi industry into a reality.

Infrastructure Providers

The Composable ecosystem is powered by over 100 infrastructure providers to promote decentralization and security, some of them include:


Wallets supported in the Composable ecosystem currently include:


The following apps leverage/interface with the Composable ecosystem:


The Composable ecosystem connects to the following blockchains:


Composable aims to bridge the gap between DeFi and other industries, such as FinTech and TradFi. Current collaborations include INESC Lisboa.

INESC Lisboa is a research consortium based out of Lisbon, Portugal. Composable is collaborating with INESC-ID, a subset of INESC Lisboa that focuses on research, development, and innovation (R&D+i) in computer science and electrical and computer engineering. It specifically promotes collaboration between academia and industry. Composable is working with Professor Miguel Matos and his team at INESC-ID to research and develop a number of cutting edge technologies, such as a mechanism for enabling chains without light clients to connect to the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol.


We are incredibly grateful to all of the supporters of our funding rounds, including: