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Development Progress

As of November 15, 2023 MANTIS is in mainnet testing. Details of this testing period are as follows:

Composable is running MANTIS and the Composable Virtual Machine (CVM) on mainnet. Osmosis, Neutron, and the Composable Cosmos chain will be accessible for cross-chain operations on the mainnet testing.

Testing Period

With mainnet deployment, we can begin getting user traction and initial use of MANTIS via a campaign “game”. In this campaign, users will be able to submit problems/intentions through the frontend. We will provide test tokens for this purpose, which users will be able to deposit in a basic user interface.

Users will be given a small amount of PICA token (the native token of the Composable Cosmos chain and Picasso parachain on Kusama). Then, users can participate in the intention submission process with this PICA. A number of solvers on MANTIS will then solve and fill these orders in mainnet testing. These solvers will have needed to onboard with Composable prior to this testing period.

At this point, we will also need validators running in order to support the network. We will have existing oracles and collators run these validators.

Experiment/Test details are as follows:

  • The goal is to have thousands of problems/intentions sent through MANTIS experimentally
  • Swaps will occur between Composable and Neutron or Osmosis
  • After this campaign, we will publish the results of these two weeks of mainnet testing and then ideally go to full production with Osmosis and Neutron etc.

We will measure:

  • Swap volume
  • Volume/proportion of solutions that were solved with coincidence of wants (CoWs) matching
  • Volume/proportion of solutions that were solved with constant function market makers (CFMMs)
  • Volume/proportion of solutions that were solved with solvers’ own liquidity

The timeline for this is December 2023.

Interested in participating as a solver? Join our solver channel on telegram here.