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How to create & join a Team in MANTIS Games

How to create a team

To create a team, you need to be an NFT holder of the MANTIS Games collection on Tensor. First connect your wallet and head to the Leaderboard section.


Click on “Create team”, enter your team name and upload your MANTIS Games NFT. The app will automatically detect your NFT. Select one in the upload NFT section, if you have multiple.


Congratulations, you are now a team leader! To invite users to your team, share your team code.


How to join a team

Once your wallet is connected on connect your wallet, head to the Leaderboard section. You will need a referral code to join a team.

Click on “Join team” and enter the invite code. Keep in mind that you will not be able to leave and rejoin other teams. If you don’t have a team code yet, you can try to find a team on X or via the Composable Telegram/Discord.